How to Spy on Your Neighbor - Signed Copy


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How To Spy On Your Neighbor: Your Survival Guide For The United States of Russia by Vicky Kuperman & Isabella Patrick 

Now that The Kremlin has placed our President in power, Russian ex-pats Vicky Kuperman and Isabella Patrick will teach Americans what life is really like in an autocracy. While we wait for Mueller to bring down the current administration, these ten chapters walk you through daily survival tips, such as what to wear when you’re reporting your neighbors to the authorities (looking innocent matters); what to pack in your go-bag (vinegar and Bruce Willis DVDs), how to manage wire taps in your home (hum the Russian national anthem into your sock drawer every morning) and key phrases, vocabulary and proverbs so you’ll be able to communicate freely (well, maybe not that freely). And when you’re ready to blend in, there’s even a formula for figuring out your new Russian name (Jane Smith is now Svetlana Smithskaya. Doug Edelman is now Boris Edelmanovich) and new hashtags (#CrimeaRiver #FaceCrime #FBF #FlashBackFascism).