Vicky’s Stand Up Comedy

Random people come out of the woodwork when you get famous. So I hear…

A Costa Rican surf instructor once told me “Girl…you funny.” I didn’t realize he was talking about my surfing so I started doing stand-up. Thanks so much, Alberto! You changed my life! I now proudly perform all over the New York, the tri-state area, New England & other areas of the United States (the ones I can legally enter). I’ve also performed in TWO countries (The U.S.A. & Long Island)! I’ve attempted humor at a long list of clubs, theaters & other venues. Check my schedule for upcoming shows in your area! I have other skills other than comedy, too! In my spare time, I write, produce, act and play tug-of-war with my dog.  I’ve been trying to learn to surf for 11 years. Any day now…

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September News

  Big show on November 20th! Dual Album recording night! YAAAZZZZZ!!!

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The Six Types of Friends on Vacation & more travel/comedy fun

New webisodes added to my web series “The Six Types of Friends on Vacation!” Check them out here! And my article about eating my way through Greece & Italy is up on Paste Magazine! Part 1 is Greece and Part 2 is Italy. Read and salivate here: Part 1: Skip Your Wedding and Go on a Weddingcation: Greece  

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Malarkey Pictures Screening Night on October 13th!

        have you seen the funny stuff Vicky Kuperman and Kendra Cunningham have made? do you ever wonder what are they like in person? who are those other people in the films? who holds the camera and the boom and edits all this? how do I see all their work at once? here is the answer to all those questions Tuesday Oct 13 7PM Professor Thom’s 219 2nd Avenue NYC! FREE!

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My new book “How to Spy on Your Neighbor: Your Survival Guide for the United States of Russia” is out on Amazon! You’re welcome!

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