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Random people come out of the woodwork when you get famous. So I hear…

A Costa Rican surf instructor once told me “Girl…you funny.” I didn’t realize he was talking about my surfing so I started doing stand-up. Thanks so much, Alberto! You changed my life! I now proudly perform all over the New York, the tri-state area, New England & other areas of the United States (the ones I can legally enter). I’ve also performed in TWO countries (The U.S.A. & Long Island)! I’ve attempted humor at a long list of clubs, theaters & other venues. Check my schedule for upcoming shows in your area! I have other skills other than comedy, too! In my spare time, I write, produce, act and play tug-of-war with my dog.  I’ve been trying to learn to surf for 11 years. Any day now…

THE LATEST: from Vicky’s blog

Co-starring in The Vagina Monologues with Vanessa Hollingshead & Stacey Prussman!

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September News

  Big show on November 20th! Dual Album recording night! YAAAZZZZZ!!!

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The Six Types of Friends on Vacation & more travel/comedy fun

New webisodes added to my web series “The Six Types of Friends on Vacation!” Check them out here! And my article about eating my way through Greece & Italy is up on Paste Magazine! Part 1 is Greece and Part 2 is Italy. Read and salivate here: Part 1: Skip Your Wedding and Go on a Weddingcation: Greece  

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My new book “How to Spy on Your Neighbor: Your Survival Guide for the United States of Russia” is out on Amazon! You’re welcome!

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